Heat Transfer Recovery & Enhancement

Human being already invented how to control namely hot and cool for their own benefit via Heat Transfer Equipment and Media in the Boiler, Heater, Cooler, Condenser and Heat Exchanger.

The efficiency of Heat Transfer Equipment is measured by minimizing energy loss and maximizing energy conversion for better performance and less primary energy needs.
Fouling and corrosion are main handicap for Heat Transfer Equipments using Water Media that reduced Heat Transfer Efficiency meaning more primary energy needed for less energy output.

Mechanical as well chemical cleaning are needed to remove safely all fouling and corrosion build up inside or outside the tube to recover Heat Transfer Efficiency and for those activities Biodegradable Descaler is the right option in chemical cleaning.

Hydrophobic Filming Amine Metal Passivation to prevent fouling and corrosion build up in the water, steam and condensate reticulation system while Green Ceramic Coating prevent the fire tube side from deposition of slag, erosion from abrasive fuel and fuel-induced corrosion.

A proper cleaning & coating will guarantee better heat transfer for less fuel